XC / Marathon – 118mm Travel

29’er XC / Marathon carbon race bike

The MoBu, a project led and designed by co-owner and PYGA founder, Patrick Morewood, is the company’s dream and ambition to build the best quality bike in the world using techniques never seen in bicycle manufacturing. 

Trail/ Down Country – 135mm Travel

29’er Trail & Down Country shredder

The manufacture of the MoBu will be uncompromising in its execution and provide the ultimate control and fun-factor for amateur and pro riders alike, whilst minimising waste material from manufacture.

XC – 110mm Travel

29’er XC and marathon race bike

The STAGE was designed as an out and out racing machine, with our signature twist on geometry. Also featuring our unique PLUS FIVE chain line concept.

XC / TRAIL – 130mm Travel

29″ trail bikes with a racing pedigree

The STAGE MAX is intended for the rider looking for an all round mid-travel 29″ trailbike, with the intention of taking part in single or multi-day racing events, without limiting the more playful side of mountain biking.

TRAIL / ENDURO  – 140mm Travel

29″ alloy all mountain trail bike, the perfect all round playbike.

If a shorter travel enduro bike with the ability to climb, corner and hit rock gardens at warp speed is what you’re after, then the HYRAX will be just your ‘cup of tea’.

ENDURO – 160mm Travel

If enduro, bikepark or a mini-dh bike is what you’re looking for, then look no further. This handcrafted monster machine is the one for you.

The SLAKLINE is the bike for those riders looking to be seen on the podium steps. It has been specifically designed to provide maximum traction, perfectly optimised anti-squat and brake-squat, squeezing out every ounce of fun and speed be it up, or down.

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